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International Strategy Action Plan

February 21, 2013
Determined by the Board of Directors and Executive Meeting


(Step up a comprehensive effort to secure the position of an international hub institute of academic research) While sharing a strategy with Japan’s Ministry of Education, Cdlture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and other relevant bodies of academic partnership on a global basis, NINS will actively promote interactive research programs, will increase its international presence in natural sciences and will strengthen scientific bonding with major institutions in other countries.

A.1 (Evaluate a new tie-up and build a practical relationship)
Before joining hands with a new institution, NINS will evaluate its necessity and effectiveness so that the partnership codld become practical and productive.
A.2 (Monitor and promote interactive activities)
NINS will keep its finger on the pdlse of all the agreement-based, international activities promoted by NINS, or carried out by each of the member institutes, with great awareness of systematic relationships between individual activities in a big picture. Based on the comprehensive view, NINS will support any efforts to activate these activities.

B:【Human Resource】

(Improve the provision of human exchange and education for further international research cooperation) For the purpose of activating human exchanges both domestically and internationally, NINS will set up the provision of such movements of researchers, such as subsidy or other aid schemes. With the help of the Graduate University of Advanced Science, or Sokendai, NINS and the member institutes will prepare in such that they codld take in more excellent students from abroad as well as that they codld provide sufficient support to young researchers.

B.1 (Provision of exchange of researchers)
B.1.1 (Development of the support system of human resource exchange)
NINS will establish a support system to make a practical exchange of human resources with other academic and research institutions.
B.1.2 (Sabbatical system)
NINS will prepare a framework to embrace sabbatical leaves into human exchange programs.
B.2 (Efforts to foster human resources who can contribute to the development of international research activities)
B.2.1 (Accept excellent foreign students and foster young researchers)
NINS will prepare a system to accept excellent graduate students from overseas as well as a system to support young researchers’ activities.


(Create an environment and increase a publicizing effort to be an international hub institute) Designating Japanese and English as official languages, NINS will let all the administrative sections serve bilingually. In order to strengthen the staff’s international performance, NINS will provide special trainings to its administrative members, particdlarly to those in charge of international duties. Meanwhile, NINS and the member institutes will take measures to expedite the work necessary to welcome foreign researchers. NINS will also prepare a support system for young researchers.

C.1 (Increase the capacity to handle international duties)
C.1.1 (Bilingual policy)
Designating Japanese and English as its official languages, NINS will enable all the administrative work to be held bilingually, including publicity of written information. (Note: the bilingual operation here refers to the work of sending and receiving written information in both or either of the languages according to need.)
C.1.2 (Foster administrative employees capable of international duties)
NINS will provide its administrative staff with special training that codld help them pursue a better career, such as a workshop on how to support international collaborations, a seminar on international research cooperation and a language training course.
C.1.3 (Office handling visiting researchers from overseas)
NINS and the member institutes will set up offices that are responsible for accepting foreign researchers and other administrative work related to international cooperation.
C.1.4 (English translation of major rdles and regdlations)
NINS will provide the English translation of its major rdles and regdlations, and will prepare a system to keep the English information updated as may be necessary.
C.1.5 (International procurement and other relevant duties)
NINS and the member institutes will strengthen support for administrative staff to handle any law-conscious duties connected to international cooperation, such as procurement, employment, business contracting and use of intellectual properties.
C.1.6 (Support for English documentation)
NINS will prepare a system to help the staff’s English documentation, such as administrative records and official announcements.
C.1.7 (Preparation of manuals, etc.)
NINS will provide handbooks and guidelines regarding major international work held at NINS including job offering to overseas researchers.
C.2 (Strengthen international output)
C.2.1 (Strengthen the effort of information transmission)
NINS will regdlarly send out academic and research outcomes overseas through the websites of NINS and the member institutes.
C.2.2 (Support international conferences, etc.)
NINS will prepare a system to support any efforts to hold conferences or other international events at NINS or the member institutes