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Comprehensive International Collaboration

NINS, as an interdisciplinary research base in natural science, has been trying to create an international research base comprised of the finest researchers on a global scale, deepening the domestic as well as international collaboration with Europe, the United States, and various countries of East Asia.
As part of the formation of a cross-disciplinary hub in an international framework, comprehensive agreements for international joint research, etc. have been concluded between NINS and international research institutes, etc.

International Collaboration with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Yoshiro Shimura, former President of NINS, and Iain Mattaj, Director General of EMBL (July, 2005)

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. It is an international organization operated with financial support from 19 countries centering on the European Union nations. EMBL has research facilities in 5 EU countries including Germany, the UK and Italy, and it is a research base for the world’s foremost molecular biologists. NINS and EMBL concluded an agreement on academic exchange in July 2005.
Based on this agreement, NINS and EMBL have engaged in (1) academic exchange, (2) personnel exchange and (3) technological exchange. NIBB, which has common research fields with EMBL, is playing a central role in promoting joint researches.
As part of the academic exchange, we organize joint symposiums, achieving positive results in exchanging the latest academic information between researchers and building a network of researchers.
Furthermore, we have mutually dispatched researchers, mainly postdoctoral, for joint research or exploration for opportunity of joint research. We are promoting active interaction among young researchers by offering subsidies called “Shimura Award” for those coming to Japan, or the “Mattaj Award” for those dispatched from Japan. Also, NINS carries out invitational seminars and forests up opportunities for researchers from both organizations to engage in mutual visits between research institutes and direct interaction with researchers of the host institute.
Further information on international collaboration with EMBL can be found at NIBB website.
The website of EMBL can be found here.

International Collaboration with Princeton University

Courtesy Visit by S. Smith, Executive Director of Research at Princeton University, and Professor L. Turner, (January 1, 2012)

NINS and Princeton University (US) concluded an agreement on academic exchange in March 2010. Based upon this agreement we are engaging in exchanges through mutual participation in symposia and meetings, and through support for joint research activities and educational activities.
Regarding the specific research topics, NINS and Princeton University concluded an MoU in July 2016 for international collaborations on plasma physics to study common research issues in space plasmas and fusion plasmas. NIFS and NAOJ are leading this international program together with researchers in Japanese universities.
NINS institutes are engaging in wide-ranging research activities. NAOJ is jointly conducting the development of instruments, such as next generation Hyper Suprime-Cam for the Subaru Telescope, and observations for the Subaru Telescope Extrasolar Planet Detection Project with Princeton University.
The NIBB – Princeton Symposium and other vigorous research collaboration projects are being undertaken by NIBB.
Further information on international collaboration with Princeton University can be found at NIBB website.
Princeton University's website can be found here.