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International Hubs for Natural Science Research

With an objective to develop a hub for joint research between researchers domestic and abroad, the following project is one of those efforts.

Pioneering New Academic Fields Related to “Hierarchy and Holism in Natural Sciences” by Simulation

“Hierarchy and Holism in Natural Sciences” is a research theme that aims at understanding the connecting pattern among the entirety of the hierarchical structure of complex natural phenomena. For example, as is commonly known, substances come from molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, and atoms in turn are constructed by subatomic particles. However, within each hierarchy, are certain natural laws pertaining to that particular hierarchy. It is impossible to comprehend the entire structure by looking only at the entire structure of these layers. In this way, in natural sciences, we ask “How are the hierarchical layers and the entire structure connected?” and “What is the nature of the entire structure itself? Thus, these are some of the ultimate propositions that our scientists tackle.
This project consists of joint research and a series of symposiums, conferences, and workshops with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, the National Institute for Fusion Science, and the Institute of Molecular Science at its core. Research exchange projects (i.e. symposiums), technological development research including simulation models, and applied research are the three pillars of this project.

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