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NINS Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities

In order to fulfill our two goals, to encourage cutting-edge academic research in the field of natural sciences through international joint research and to contribute to the enhancement of research capabilities of universities, etc. in Japan using the world’s most advanced research environment for joint utilization and joint research, we will conduct a research enhancement project with the following four approaches to the enhancement of research capabilities and building of the University Network for Research Enhancement, and facilitate the enhancement of our research capabilities along with contributing to the enhancement of research capabilities of universities, etc.

Four Approaches to the Enhancement of Research Capabilities

1. Support for the Promotion of International Advanced Research

In order to further encourage international joint research and human resource exchange among foreign researchers, graduate students, etc., we will assign expatriate university research administrators (URA) to the international collaboration hubs, etc. and facilitate close collaboration and information exchange with foreign universities.

2. Support for the Promotion of Joint Utilization and Joint Research in Japan

In order to further strengthen the domestic structure for the promotion of joint utilization and joint research in the field of natural sciences, we will probe for new seeds for joint research, facilitate the cultivation of young researchers, further intensify information exchange and academic-industrial collaboration with companies aiming at the development of research instruments, software, etc., contribute to research and development using NINS’ advanced facilities, equipment and devices, and support the development and dissemination of new experimental equipment and method.

3. Dissemination of Information and Enhancement of Public Relations in Japan and Abroad

We will further enhance public relations, disseminate and give back to society the significance and achievements of domestic and international joint utilization and joint research promoted at NINS, as well as strongly encourage the dissemination of information in English as an international joint research institute, explore the opportunity for international joint research, and enhance our research capabilities through accepting brilliant young researchers and graduate students from other countries.

4. Support for Researchers (for young, female or foreign researchers)

We will encourage the cultivation of young researchers as a research institute as well as an educational institute assuming responsibility for The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, while also improving the research environment for female researchers through providing support for research and livelihood, enhancing the research support system for the period of childbirth and childcare, etc. in order to promote the employment of female researchers.
Also, in order to encourage the acceptance of foreign researchers, we will recruit brilliant young researchers from other countries and encourage international collaboration projects by putting out international announcements, etc., as well as supporting the improvement of the research environment for foreign researchers and graduate students who we employed.

Overview of the Project

Organizational Structure

Building of the Research University Network of Japan (RU Network Japan)

We are expected to contribute to the acceleration of innovation, collaborations with communities, and economic development through the improvement of the research capabilities of the university. Participating universities in this network are obligated to strengthen their foundation as a research university (RU) as well as to join forces and lead as RUs and to further enhance the research capabilities of Japanese universities. To that end, we are required to facilitate a better research environment and maximize performance. We need to engage in discussion and information exchange about measures to expand the research capabilities enhancement and support functions of universities beyond the bounds of the university and research institute under the close collaboration among the researcher, university research administrator (URA), and administrative staff with due considerations to the individuality and features of each university. With an eye on “collaborate where it is due”, we have established RU Network Japan to contribute to the research capabilities enhancement of individual universities to promote mutual collaboration and work with the government, etc. toward necessary measures.

With a central focus on the 22 institutes adopted in the "Research University Enhancement Promotion Project" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we called on institutes promoting the research capabilities enhancement of universities including the 15 institutes already engaged in the "development of a system to train and acquire URAs. We are composed of those institutes that answered our call.

General Meeting (GM)
RU Network of Japan has a GM of the executive director in charge of research, person responsible for the research capabilities enhancement, etc. at each research institute (one person per institute) where network operations are reviewed, common agenda is discussed, and policy proposal is made as may be necessary.
We set up a steering committee (SC) of 5 universities as an advisory board on operations.
Inaugural SC: Kumamoto University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Okayama University, and the University of Tsukuba

Task Forces
A task force by themes will also be set up for concrete efforts in research capabilities enhancement and shall be a place to consult and collaborate. The term of each task force is two years or so in principle.

  1. Task force on international collaboration
  2. Task force on information dissemination to the international community
  3. Task force on people-to-people exchange and career path of URAs
  4. Task force on compliance

Mailing List (ML)
A ML will be put in place to expedite information exchange among participating institutes.

Tools or platforms put in place by NINS or participating institutes and that can be used communally will be shared across the entire network.

  1. Platform on the transmission of information from Japan to the rest of the world

This program is funded by the subsidy for promoting the enhancement of research universities of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Contact Information

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National Institutes of Natural Sciences

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