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Roles and activities of NINS​ ​

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What NINS aims for

National Institutes of Natural Sciences aims to promote the most advanced research of the world through collaborative research . For this purpose, we have these five intentions as below. NINS is conducting the joint research while keep in mind the characteristics of each research institute and field, and according to the needs of universities and researchers who join our collaborative research.

1 NINS contribute to improve the research capabilities of universities of Japan. - On relationship with other Universities through joint use and joint research -

2 NINS promote the Network-type Collaborative Research with universities - NINS Inter-university Cooperative Association: NICA -

3 NINS promote the cutting-edge international joint research as the center of international joint research - Promotion of international joint research -

4 NINS promote fusion between different fields and creation of newly research fields in cooperation with universities -Development of Novel Science Initiatives -

5 NINS connect tightly with people, regions and industries - Collaboration with people, regions and industries -