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Site visit

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National Institutes of Natural Sciences So far, researchers from various fields of natural science have gathered, and have developed opportunities for discussing the current state and future development of natural science from various perspectives and joint research support programs for field fusion. . In order to further promote these efforts, we are implementing “Site Visit” as a place for researchers to meet and interact. The site visit is National Institutes of Natural Sciences The researcher who belongs to has visited each of the institutions that make up the mechanism, learned about the contents of each research, and carried out as a place to interact with the researcher who belongs to it. Inter-university Research Institute Corporation Expand the scope of participation.


In the site visit, participants will introduce themselves, explain the target institutions, introduce research, visit the facilities, collaborated workshops with different fields, poster sessions, group discussions, etc. on a two-day schedule.

Site Visit 2018 @Institute for Molecular Science Poster [PDF file / 490KB]

Site Visit 2019 @National Institute for Fusion Science Poster [PDF file / 501KB]

Site visit scenery

UVSOR visit photographGroup discussion photo

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