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Childcare support system

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Childcare support system

National Institutes of Natural Sciences officers and employees in office in, about the cost required to a temporary child care of children of students who are accepted by co-workers and mechanism conduct joint research or the like in the mechanism, the mechanism is one Department we established a system to provide assistance .

Target of this system

• Directors and employees

• Collaborative researchers who conduct their joint research at the institutes of NINS

• Graduate Students of SOKENDAI

• Researchers who employed at NINS

• The persons approved by the director of gender equality

* We exclude the persons who have received similar support at their institutions.​ ​

Age limits on support

We support children until 6th grade of elementary school.

Services overview

Temporary childcare, babysitters, care of a sick and after illness child (excluding regular daycare and extended childcare)

Amount of support

3,000 yen (including tax) per day

* If the amount is less than the support amount, we will pay up to the usage amount.

Support limitation

Support is provided when it is deemed necessary for work or school.

The maximum amount of this support is 15,000 yen per child (1 year).

Person in charge

•  国立天文台事務部総務課職員係 tel:0422-34-3837

•  核融合科学研究所管理部総務企画課職員係 tel:0572-28-2012

•  岡崎統合事務センター総務部総務課労務係 tel:0564-55-7124

•  事務局人事労務課人事給与係 tel:03-5425-1891

* Please consult with the contact person of each institution when using.