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Business trip system with accompanying family members

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Business trip system with accompanying family members

NINS has established a child care support system. NINS supports travel expenses for children accompanied by NINS staff members, including executives, collaborative researchers, and students.

Target of this system

• Directors and employees

• Collaborative researchers who conduct their joint research at the institutes of NINS

• Students on business trips at JAEA

• Researchers who employed at NINS

• The persons approved by the director of gender equality

* We exclude the persons who have received similar support at their institutions.​ ​

Age limits on support

We support children until 6th grade of elementary school.


Transportation expenses when a child, such as a staff member, traveling on a business trip at JAEA accompanies a business trip

Amount of support

Up to 25,000 yen (tax included) per child per year

* If you have more than one year, you will be eligible for support in the year that the business trip end date belongs to.

Person in charge

•  国立天文台事務部総務課職員係 tel:0422-34-3837

•  核融合科学研究所管理部総務企画課職員係 tel:0572-28-2012

•  岡崎統合事務センター総務部総務課労務係 tel:0564-55-7124

•  事務局人事労務課人事給与係 tel:03-5425-1891

* Please consult with the contact person of each institution when using.