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NINS-DAAD International Personal Exchange Program (IPEP) (Japanese)

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Business content

1 Business overview

The National Institute of National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS), in collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), started an international researcher exchange program in 2021.
This project aims to strengthen the international collaborative research that has already been carried out between NINS institutions (institutes and centers) and German universities and educational research institutes, and to start new international collaborative research. The purpose is to support the expenses for international exchange. NINS and DAAD will each bear the costs for international exchange of researchers in their own country.

2 Support target

Proposers are limited to NINS researchers, but it is possible to include researchers outside NINS as collaborative researchers, and their international exchange expenses are also covered. Japanese and German researchers are requested to submit proposals to NINS and DAAD, respectively, based on sufficient consultation on the international collaborative research program.

3 Project implementation period

We are soliciting proposals for exchange plans for the period from April 2023 to March 2025 (common to Japan and Germany). The proposed program has a maximum deadline of two years. Therefore, the Division project applied for this project can last from one year to a maximum of two years.

4 Examination

After an independent examination committee held in each country, the Division to be adopted will be decided by a consensus between Japan and Germany. We plan to adopt about 3 new proposals every year.

Program implementation schedule (2022 open call for participants)
[Deadline for open recruitment on September 16, 2022]
[Announcement of adoption in mid-December 2022]
[April 1, 2023 Exchange Program Start]

Application Process

Please submit the application Section to the office in charge of each institution by the following submission deadline.
Please see the recruitment notice for details.

About submission

Submission deadline: September 16, 4th (Friday), Reiwa
Address: Office in charge of each institution

Application form

Recruitment notice

Application Guidelines [PDF file / 268KB]
  Q & A

[Application documents]
(1) Exchange plan (Information Sheet) [Word file / 27KB]
(2) Research Proposal [Word file / 28KB]
(3) One-page Abstract [Word file / 54KB]


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