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The 1st Young Researcher Award Memorial Lecture

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title 'Space, life, energy' Rising Sun by young researcher
- National Institutes of Natural Sciences Young Researcher Award Memorial Lecture -
Date Sunday, June 10, 2012 13: 00 - 17: 20
4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Application Thank you very much for your participation. I've finished successfully in the past.
Registration Fee The participation fee is free.
Sponsored Prof. Anatoly Spitkovsky  E-mail: (replace _AT_ with @)  Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University

Award ceremony, state of lecture meeting

Award ceremony photo
Award ceremony

Photo of Commemorative Lecture 1
Commemorative lecture

Photo of Commemorative Lecture 2
Commemorative lecture

Photos of Meat the Recorder's
Meat the Lectures


13: 00 -

An award ceremony will be held prior to the memorial lecture.

  • Komihiko Sato National Institutes of Natural Sciences
  • Awards
  • Give thanks and greetings

Commemorative lecture
13:50 to 14:20 Subaru telescope adaptive optics challenge the limits of ground observation astronomy
Hiroshi Hayano (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Assistant Professor)
14:25 to 14:55 Fluctuation and Ordered Structure in Ultra High Temperature Plasma Revealed by Heavy Ion Beam
Well 毅 (National Institute for Fusion Science/Associate Professor)
15: 00 - 15: 30 Effects of environmental factors on the occurrence and reproduction of animals
Shinichi Miyagawa (National Institute for Basic Biology, Assistant Professor)
15: 35 - 16: 05 Analysis of live imaging of the occurrence and function of zebrafish motor neuronal circuits
Koichi Higashijima (Okazaki Integrated Bioscience Center /Associate Professor)
16: 10 - 16: 40 Pioneering advanced molecular theory to elucidate the oxygen generation reaction mechanism of plant photosynthesis
Yu Kurashi (Institute for Molecular Science/Assistant Professor)
16: 45 - 16: 50 Closed type
Yasuda Okada (National Institutes of Natural Sciences/Executive Director, National Institute for Physiological Sciences/Director General)
16: 50 - (30 minutes) Meat the Lectures
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Poster, brochure

The 1st Young Researcher Award Memorial Lecture Poster Photo[PDF file / 999 KB]

Photograph of the 1st Young Scientist Award Commemorative Lecture Pamphlet[PDF file / 918 KB]

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