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What is NOUS?

Display Page for Printing Update date: updated on 30th July 2018

On the start of operation of the Collaborative Research system (NOUS) for natural sciences

At National Institutes of Natural Sciences, as the 3rd term medium-term plan, "Regarding Collaborative Research of public offering type, from application to review, adoption, reporting and publication, analysis The foundation of the Natural Science Collaborative Research Integrated System (NINS Open Use System: NOUS) that manages everything integratedly was established by FY2001, and at the end of the 3rd Medium Term Target Period We will grasp the content and level of outcomes at Collaborative Research and clarify the degree of contribution to university function enhancement ". In the organization, we are planning to establish and promote a new framework for implementing Collaborative Research across fields and institutions leading to the creation of new fields and fusion of different fields by means of this system It is one of the main strategies of the 3rd term medium term plan.

In order to realize this plan, we are promoting the construction of NOUS covering application, examination, adoption, result report and publication on the Web, mainly by the NOUS promotion office, but as the first step, we have been working on the fiscal 2020 of nuclear fusion research joint research public offering as well as the book of the Department of the field fusion type joint research public offering of, because we're regime carried out using the same system, it exposes the system from November 1, public acceptance than December 1, let's start doing .... As a result, the conventional joint research application acceptance system for Fusion Research will be completely transferred to NOUS. We will continue to apply for application for molecular research all year round in January and for accepting applications for joint research by Astrobiology Center using NOUS.

The purpose of NOUS is to collectively grasp the administrative flow of collaborative research offerings that each institution has done, through joint research activities including research results by using a common system as a mechanism In addition to improving the efficiency of office work by electronicization, it can be expected that it will be easier to deal with by unifying the window for cooperation needs from researchers outside the field. We will continue to develop systems so that other collaborative research openings in the organization will be sequentially covered by NOUS in the future, so we appreciate your cooperation.