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Institute Charter, National Institutes of Natural Sciences

Display Page for Printing Updated: Updated June 13, 2018

​ ​​ ​Natural science that aimed to achieve wider and deeper understanding of nature caught up with development during the 20th century, and understanding of humans towards nature improved dramatically. According to the rapid progress in science, borders between various fields of natural science became versatile, and it is becoming increasingly important to make academic studies more comprehensive and create new academic fields.
On the other hand, it is necessary in the 21st century for science to cope with complex and a wide variety of tasks due to expanding human activities. Those who are engaged in natural science studies are expected to tackle these tasks with heightened awareness and contribute to constructing an affluent and steady society.
In a normal situation, development of academic studies is achieved based on unrestrained thinking and autonomy of researchers. Through mutual respect among researchers towards their creative studies and active exchange of opinions and cooperation beyond the border of academic fields, creation of new academic studies that can contribute to society becomes possible.
Based on this principle, this Charter is comprised with the aim of improving understanding of nature and making contributions to the development of society, through collaboration and cooperation among inter-university research institutes that are engaged in studies of various fields in natural science, such as space, matter, energy and life.

  1. NINS is a federation of inter-university research institutes in various fields of natural science.
  2. NINS shall work on clarifying nature from an overall perspective.
  3. NINS places unrestrained thinking and autonomy of researchers at its essential basis and will strive to explore new academic fields.
  4. The basic activity of NINS is creativity and academic research in Institutes comprising NINS.
  5. Institutes comprising of NINS shall respect one another’s research and shall participate in the operations of NINS on equal terms.
  6. Institutes comprising of NINS shall contribute to researchers’ community in each academic field as an inter-university research institute.
  7. NINS shall actively participate in graduate education and shall foster high caliber human resources for each generation.
  8. NINS shall try to cooperate with research institutes outside NINS and shall engage in reinforcing academic research in Japan.
  9. NINS cooperates with society and is an international research institute open to the public.