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What is NOUS?

Display Page for Printing Updated: August 4th, 2022

On the start of operation of the Collaborative Research system (NOUS) for natural sciences

The National Institutes of Natural Sciences, in order to understand the results and standards of Collaborative Research Collaborative Research as well as to clarify the degree of contribution to the strengthening of the university's functions. Since 2017, we have been operating the NINS Open Use System (Collaborative Research) as a system that can comprehensively manage everything from screening, selection, reporting and publication of results, to analysis. .

The purpose of NOUS is to centrally understand joint research activities, including research results, by using a common system to replace the clerical flow of joint research announcements that had been conducted by each organization that makes up the organization. At the same time, we expect that it will be easier to respond to requests for cooperation from researchers outside the field by unifying the point of contact, as well as improving the efficiency of clerical work through digitization. increase.