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Flow of information disclosure procedure

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Identify billing content

Please determine the content of the disclosure request by inquiring to the corporate document file management book or the information disclosure window.

Submission of Disclosure Request

Corporate document disclosure invoice [PDF file / 13KB](Please fill in in Japanese) and submit it to the information disclosure window or by post.
※ Disclosure request fee is 300 yen per corporation document. Be sure to consult a window before transfer.

30th day

Receiving request for disclosure

(Amendment to Disclosure Request)
If there is any incompleteness in the contents of the disclosure of the disclosure request, we will ask the disclosure requestor to amend the request for disclosure from this organization. The period during which the amendment is made will not be included on the 30th day of the deadline for disclosure decisions.

Payment of disclosure request fee

The disclosure request fee is ¥ 300 per corporate document. Please be sure to consult with the counter before transfer. Please refer to the “Payment method for disclosure request fee / disclosure execution fee” below for the payment method.

Opinion inquiry to a third party

If information of a third party (corporation etc.) is included in the specified corporate document, the third party will be asked for opinions on disclosure of the third party information according to the content of the information.

Determination of disclosure etc.

Disclosure, non-disclosure, etc. are decided, and it is sent to Disclosure Requestor by notice letter etc. of Corporate Document Disclosure.
Within 30 days

Receipt of Disclosure Decision Notice etc


Submission of disclosure application form
(Payment of disclosure fee)

Implementation method of disclosure of corporation document proposal book [PDF file / 16KB]Please fill out the necessary information and submit it to the information disclosure window. In addition, it is unnecessary to submit a case where the disclosure can be carried out by the implementation method described in the disclosure request (limited to the case where the disclosure fee is free). If you wish to send a copy, please pay the postage fee with a postage stamp.
The fee may be reduced or exempted if the institution permits the request of the disclosure requester to request the disclosure requestor to pay the fee for the implementation for economic reasons or the like.
Or more

Implement disclosure of corporate documents

(Offer for further disclosure) If necessary,Proposal book of further disclosure of corporation document [PDF file / 16KB]By submitting it, you will be able to receive further disclosure (eg, delivery of duplicate after viewing).

Disclosure request fee · Payment method of disclosure fee

Please pay in cash to the information disclosure window or transfer to the designated account. (Bank transfer fee will be required separately.)

Please contact the following information disclosure window for the bank account.



Information disclosure window

※ 9: 00-15: 00 on weekdays (except holidays)

National Institutes of Natural Sciences Administrative Bureau General Affairs Division General Affairs Section

4-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Hulic Kamiyacho Building 2F
Phone: 03-5425-2033

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Secretary-Department General Affairs Division General Affairs Section

沢 181-8588 Osawa 2-chome, Mitaka City, Tokyo Prefecture
Phone: 0422-34-3653

National Institute for Fusion Science management Department Affairs Planning Division General Affairs Section

2-6 509-5292 Gifu Prefecture Toki City Shimoishicho 322-6
Phone: 0572-58-2006

Okazaki Administration Center General Administration Department General Affairs Division Planning and Evaluation Section
National Institute for Basic Biology of National Institute for Physiological Sciences of Institute for Molecular Science

No. 38 Nakago, Mingoji Temple, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture 444-4585 Aichi Prefecture
Phone: 0564-55-7123

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