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Flow of disclosure procedure of possessed personal information

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Identify billing content


Submission of Disclosure Request
(Payment of Disclosure Request Fees)

※ Disclosure request fee is 300 yen per case. Be sure to consult a window before transfer.
  • Present your documents (identity confirmation documents) that include the address and name of the driver's license, health insurance's insured person's card etc. for identity verification.
  • In addition to a copy of the identity confirmation document, please submit a copy of the resident card created within 30 days. A copy of the resident card is an official document issued by municipalities and submission by the copies is not permitted
30 days in principle

Receiving request for disclosure

(Amendment to Disclosure Request)
If there is any incompleteness in the contents of the disclosure of the disclosure request, we will ask the disclosure requestor to amend the request for disclosure from this organization. The period during which the amendment is made will not be included on the 30th day of the deadline for disclosure decisions.

Identification of retained personal information

(Inquiries to third parties)
If information of a third party (corporation etc.) is included in the specified corporate document, the third party will be asked for opinions on disclosure of the third party information according to the content of the information.

Determination of disclosure etc.

Disclosure, non-disclosure, etc. are decided, and it is sent to Disclosure Requestor by notice letter etc. of Corporate Document Disclosure.
Within 30 days

Receipt of Disclosure Decision Notice etc


Submission of disclosure application form

If you wish to send a copy, please pay the postage fee with a postage stamp.
Or more

Disclosure of owned personal information

(Request for correction request or request for suspension of use) 開示を受けた保有個人情報について、内容が「事実でない」又は「不適法な取得、利用又は提供が行われている」と思うときは、保有個人情報訂正請求書又は保有個人用法利用停止請求書により申し出ることができます。

Payment method of disclosure request fee

Please pay in cash to the personal information desk or transfer to the designated account. (Bank transfer fee will be required separately.)

Please contact the following personal information window for the bank account.

* Weekdays 9: 00-17: 00 (except holidays) Personal information window

National Institutes of Natural Sciences Administrative Bureau General Affairs Division General Affairs Section

No. 3, No. 13, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Hurric Kamiyacho Building 2F
Phone: 03-5425-2033

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Secretary-Department General Affairs Division General Affairs Section

No. 21-1 Osawa 2-chome Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-8588
Phone: 0422-34-3653

National Institute for Fusion Science management Department Affairs Planning Division General Affairs Section

322-6 Shimosui Town Toki-shi, Gifu prefecture 509-5292
Phone: 0572-58-2006

Okazaki Administration Center General Administration Department General Affairs Division Planning and Evaluation Section
National Institute for Basic Biology of National Institute for Physiological Sciences of Institute for Molecular Science

38th Saigoji Temple in Okazaki-shi, Aichi Prefecture 444-8585, 38
Phone: 0564-55-7123