The Challenge to create new interdisciplinary research and innnovative research field

The Challenge to create new interdisciplinary research and innnovative research field

The National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) establishes and operates five research institutes and centers. As a global research center in the field of natural science promoting international and advanced research, we provide joint research and collaborative research for universities and other researchers all over the country. The result of our collaborative research contributes to strengthening Japanese research capabilities.

Astrobiology Center:ABC

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 As a result of developments in extrasolar planet observations, astrobiology research to explore "life in the Universe" and uncover its mysteries has become a pressing subject. Astrobiology Center (ABC), established in 2015, advances this field by combining disciplines, promotes research into extrasolar planets and life both outside and within the Solar System, and develops observational instruments for these purposes.

Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems:ExCELLS

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 What is life? The Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems (ExCELLS) was established in April 2018 to address this fundamental question. ExCELLS aims to achieve an integrative understanding of living systems by observing biological entities ("Observe"), deciphering the hidden information ("Read"), and creating living systems ("Create") utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and novel constructive approaches. Moreover, ExCELLS promotes collaborative, interdisciplinary research involving investigators who explore organisms living in extreme environments based on "Observe, Read, and Create" approach to explore the design principles of living systems.

International Research Collaboration Center:IRCC

 For the progress of international collaborative research in the future, such as promoting efforts beyond the boundaries of fields and institutions by international exchange with overseas universities/organizations, new institutional initiatives are now required. In view of this background, we established the International Research Collaboration Center directly under the president to promote and support efforts of international collaboration, which is expected to further develop beyond the boundaries of fields and institutions.

These efforts are consistent with the statement in the MEXT "the future of the Collaborative Research Organization" (2017 February 14, the Council for Science and Technology, Academic Subcommittee research environment foundation Group, MEXT), saying " Inter-University Research Institute Corporation , as a COE in each field of our country, in order to promote internationalization in each research field and create a new field based on fusion of different fields, is required to consider the establishment of a new research unit/organization with reviewing trends of international research."

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