Headquarters for Co-Creation Strategy

URA Member



Project Professor (Chief URA)

Specialties: Neuroscience, Science for Policy

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The Team under direction

・TEAM "Joint Use and Collaborative Research"

This team discusses and share information between NINS and each organization in order to enhance joint use and collaborative research and university partnerships. In addition, the operation of NOUS, RUC, and inter-organizational collaboration will be discussed.

・TEAM "Promotion of Diversity"

This team performs the following on all matters related to the promotion of gender equality.
Consideration, planning and implementation (including events), and discussion on understanding and addressing "diversity," including the use of diverse human resources and diverse work styles (covering human and environmental support in men, women, overseas researchers, and young researchers)

・TEAM "Supporting Large Research Projects"

This team provides support (intellectual property, commercialization, etc.) for large-scale research projects as requested by each organization. 

・TEAM "Exploring Novel Science Fields"

This team are exploring and analyzing new fields that have never been explored before based on recent research trends and other evidence.

Kazuhiro SEKIGUCHI, PhD.


Project Professor

Specialties: Observational Astronomy, Cataclysmic Variables, Astroinformatics, Science Education and Communication

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The Team under direction

TEAM "International Research Collaboration"

The team explores, plans, and implements strategic international collaborations for NINS. The team also coordinates and implements international inter-institutional collaborations that integrate various organizations and institutions. In addition, the team supports the management and administration of various NINS publicly solicited projects and international research conducted under the International Fusion Research Initiative.

Haruhiko MAENAMI, PhD.


Project Associate Professor

Specialties: Science studies, Sociology of Science, MOT:Management of Technology

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The Team under direction

・TEAM "Industry-Academia Collaboration"

This team coordinates and supports industry-academia collaboration practices conducted in cooperation between NINS and each institution, and will operate the internal solicitation program of OIST.  Specifically, the team is responsible for collaboration and negotiation with private companies, etc., and for obtaining rights to research results.


OML is a research platform for promoting fusion research across disciplines and institutions, and is responsible for reviewing and promoting OML projects, especially the operation of research support programs and the maintenance of OML facilities.



Project Associate Professor

Specialties: Neuroscience, Strategic Outreach Activities, Dental Science

E-Mail: k.sakamoto"@"nins.jp Please replace "a" with @

The Team under direction

TEAM "Outreach"

This team conducts public relations and outreach activities for NINS, sharing issues related to outreach  activities of NINS and each institutes as well as consulting on the planning of symposiums and other events in general.

Yukihiro KABEYA, PhD.


Project Specially Experts
Specialties: Evolutionary Biology, Plant Molecular Biology
E-Mail: y.kabeya"@"nins.jp Please replace "a" with @

The Team under direction

TEAM "Research and Business Strategy Analysis"

This team is responsible for the use of metrics and article analysis tools related to evaluation, sharing issues as evaluation and IR practitioners at NINS and at each institutes, and operating a database of articles resulting from joint use and joint research.