Collaborative Research Map

Collaborative Research Map

About NOUS

What is the NINS Open Use System (NOUS) ?

We have started the operation of the NINS Open Use System (NOUS) in FY 2017, in order to manage integratedly everything from Appliction to Screening, Adoption, Report and Publication of Results, and Analisys of our Public Recruitment-Type Joint Research.​ ​

NOUS is the gateway to collaborative research with NINS. We receive and respond to requests for Joint Research from researchers in various fields. And we further promote Joint Research and create cross-diciplinary research field.

You can access the website of NOUS system. Click the banner below.

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For first-time users of the NOUS system

Please register your user account first in order to use NOUS system. Click "Sign up" and fill in the required informations and press the send button.

After your registration is approved, you will be notified by email that your account has been created. It will take a few days to complete the registration, so please complete the registration as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about new registration, please read this "FAQ".