Collaborative Research Map

Joint Use, Joint Research

Collaborative Research

NINS contributes to strengthening the research capabilities of Japanese universities as one of the inter-university research institutes. In order to contribute to strengthening the research capacity ofJapanese universities, as an inter-university research institute, NINS is developing three types of collaborative researches while taking advantage of the characteristics of their academic field, as below.

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3 Types of Collaborative Researches

① Joint use and joint research across universities

We are consolidating large-scale, state-of-the-art research facilities that are di cult to set up at each university and gathering research materials that are difficult to collect or store, and leading cutting-edge research. As a result, joint use and joint research are conducted by researchers from other universities and research institutions going beyond the limits of individual universities.

② Network type collaborative research to contribute to universities directly

Utilizing the characteristics of each research field, we are building networks created by multiple universities and research institutes, and promoting collaborative research and human resource development.

③ International collaborative research

As a base for international research, we have become a hub to connect persons belonging to universities and research institutions , regardless of whether it is inside or outside of Japan. And we are developing active exchange among researchers by promoting international research projects and international collaborative research.