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Handling of ORCID in National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS)

Handling of ORCID in National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS)


ORCID is a digital identifier to distinguish individual researchers from other people and ORCID, Inc., a not-for-profit organization managing the IDs, provides the mechanism creating automated links with research outcomes and various relevant academic services. Based on the ORCID ID of the researcher, one can liaise with more than 300 publishers, funding agencies, and other academic services.


Need for researchers to acquire an ORCID ID

More than a solution to identical names and self-management of profiles by researchers, it offers a labor-saving advantage to researchers and the community.

  • Making it easier to distinguish researchers with identical names, one's own research outcomes, etc. can be disclosed accurately.
  • Once set on ORCID, it is not just labor-saving because one's own research papers, affiliations, etc. on ORCID are automatically written and accumulated by stating the source from publishers, employers, etc. but also for guaranteeing the information's credibility. Past papers can be imported from Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, and other databases. (In this case, the information source will be specified.)
  • Even though there is a change in employment, the same ORCID ID can be used. Furthermore, past e-mail address information which are currently not available is also saved in the account so by performing searches over ORCID, people can reach you from the contact information of published papers in the past. (In this case, e-mail addresses have to be configured as public information).​ ​
  • Journals which require the ORCID ID when submitting papers are increasing each year and there are more than 3,000 journals where the ORCID ID can be entered as an option.

Operation of ORCID at NINS

National Institutes of Natural Sciences has acquired ORCID membership in May 2018.
By linking the researcher overview system built by the organization with ORCID ID, the research achievements of each researcher are automatically obtained from ORCID and published on the overview.
Also, from 2020,Collaborative Research review from the application of, natural science to integrated management of such adoption Collaborative Research by the ORCID of cooperation integrated system (NOUS),Simplify application creation and save each researcher's ORCID recordOf adoption informationThe description has been realized.

Persons engaged in research at JAEA are required to obtain ORCID IDs, and encourage users of Collaborative Research to obtain ORCID IDs. By disclosing information on awards, awards, and Collaborative Research adoption, we contribute to increasing the reliability of academic research activities across research fields.

Information listed in ORCID on each researcher by NINS

Information on affiliation (Employment), awards (Invited positions and distinctions), and information on selection of open recruitment Collaborative Research (Funding) are described.

Information acquired by NINS from ORCID

Obtain ORCID ID, research results (Works), etc., and use them for information disclosure and institutional research in a researcher's directory.


"Why ORCID?" (video with Japanese subtitles)