Headquarters for Co-Creation Strategy


 NINS has been providing a variety of support for the promotion of international advanced research and domestic joint use and collaborative research, information dissemination, public relations, researcher support, and industry-academia collaboration, since the establishment of the Research Enhancement Strategy Office in FY2013. Furthermore, the Center for Novel Initiatives (CNSI) was established in FY2009, and the International Research Collaboration Center (IRCC) in FY2018, and is engaged in a variety of research activities to embody the NINS philosophy of creating new fields and to further develop international collaborative research. On the other hand, Inter-University Research Institutes are required to function as hubs for interdisciplinary fusion and inter-institutional collaboration, to strengthen cooperation among national, public and private universities, and to support the foundation for improving research capabilities throughout Japan.

 NINS has restructured the the Research Enhancement Stategy Office, which has been responsible for strengthening research capabilities within NINS, and established a new Headquarters for Co-Creation Strategy. The Headquarters for Co-Creation Strategy has integrated the functions of the CNSI and the IRCC to strongly promote inter-organizational collaboration and fusion of disciplines. Through this reconstraction, the Headquarters for Co-Creation Strategy  will promote evidence collection, strategic planning, and research capacity building by strengthening its cross-disciplinary hub function, while deepening and strengthening domestic and international joint use and joint research.

 Furthermore, NINS aims to assume a consistent hub function from management to research implementation in order to promote strategic international research, by utilizing the OPEN MIX LAB (OML) as a place for practical actions for inter-organizational collaboration and fusion of disciplines.