Collaborative Research Map


Research Outcome and Reporting

An implementation report of the research theme shall be submitted by March 31, 2024 and you will be asked to participate in a performance debriefing session for the entire program scheduled to be held in February 2024.
If publishing the outcome of this program with a research paper, etc., the acknowledgment or funding for the research paper, etc. must state that the outcome of the research is on the expense of the NINS OML Program.

※ Example:

(和文)本研究は、大学共同利用機関法人自然科学研究機構OPEN MIX LAB事業(********)の助成を受けたものである。

(English) This research was supported by the grant of the NINS OPEN MIX LAB Program (NINS Program No. _____).

The grant number is stated in the notice of acceptance.