Collaborative Research Map


Screening, Etc.

The screening of this program will be decided by the NINS Research Cooperation and Liaison Committee based on documents and interviews as necessary. The screening shall be closed to the public. (If accepted, some of the information shall be disclosed.)


  • Document screening

The document screening shall be conducted by the NINS Research Cooperation and Liaison Committee.

  • Screening interview

Based on the results of the document screening, the NINS Research Cooperation and Liaison Committee shall select the research theme to be subjected to an interview as necessary and conduct the screening interview.

(2)Screening Schedule

  • Document screening

Scheduled around mid-June 2023

  • Screening interview

Scheduled around mid-July 2023

  • Selection determination

Scheduled around mid-July 2023

(3)Main Points of the Screening

In the screening in this program, screening shall be made in consideration of the following perspectives.

① Are the research objective and content novel and innovative based on flexible ideas and innovative methods through inter-organizational collaboration?

② Is the research outline concrete and is it highly feasible within the specified time frame and expected to have ripple effects in the future? Regarding the theme setting type, is the proposal in line with the theme?

③ Can ripple effects be expected including the "creation of new fields through the establishment of innovative technology" and "collaboration with industry" based on a medium or long-term perspective?

④ In light of the research objective and outline, are the research expenses reasonable?

(4)Announcement of the Screening Result

The acceptance or rejection based on the screening result will be announced in writing. (Scheduled around mid-July 2023)