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The 3rd NINS-Princeton Joint Symposium "Emerging Life Sciences"

The joint symposium with Princeton University was held on 22 and 23 March 2023 at Princeton University, USA, based on an international collaboration agreement signed by the National Institutes of Natural Sciences in 2010. Both the first and second symposia were held in Okazaki, but this is the first joint symposium to be held at the University.

As the title of the symposium suggests, the theme covered a wide range of cutting-edge topics in the life sciences, from chemistry, biophysics and bioengineering to cell and molecular biology (Fig. 1).

The quality of the presentations (Fig. 2) was high, and the 16 poster presentations were very lively (Fig. 3), which we believe helped to achieve the objective of the symposium, which was also to promote exchange between young researchers in Japan and the USA.

On the next day after the symposium, Japanese researchers visited laboratories of their choice for observation and discussion. One of the outcomes of the symposium was the opportunity to communicate with postdocs and graduate students and to exchange information with them.

Meeting Report The third NINS-Princeton joint Symposium 'Emerging Lifesciences'.pdf

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(Fig. 1)

図2. シンポジウム最初の講演者Cliff Brangwynne教授.jpgのサムネイル画像

(Fig. 2)

図3. ポスター発表の様子.jpgのサムネイル画像

(Fig. 3)